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DIY - Paint your own bag
DIY - Paint your own bagDIY - Paint your own bag

DIY - Paint your own bag

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Product Description

A much loved activity for children - painting!

Our thoughtfully designed paint your own bag kit contains:

  • 2 bags with printed outlines of leaves (one small, one large - approx 11 and 16 inches respectively, handle length additional)
  • Paint bottles - 3 primary colours
  • Paint brush
  • Instruction sheet

Why this kit?

  • Learn and experiment with colour mixing - create colours and different shades from just primary colours
  • Practice brush skills - designs on the bag have large designs as well as intricate designs for more controlled brush skills
  • Enough free space to get creative - add own painted elements, some lettering, or anything else at all! The possibilities are endless!
  • Two bags - allow for a fun two person activity - be it family or friends!

Ideal for ages 4+

This is a perfect activity for parents and children to engage in together, explore colours, how they mix and create some beautiful memories.

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