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Talkables - 100 Conversation Prompts | Set 2

Talkables - 100 Conversation Prompts | Set 2

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Product Description

When was the last time you had a real, deep conversation as a family? Presenting to you "Talkables - 100 Conversation prompts" to help you do just that!

This set contains:

  • 50 cards, containing 100 conversation prompts
  • 2 instruction / introduction cards
  • Set 2 card themes - Relationships & Values | Likes & Dislikes
  • Cards are 2.75 * 3.75 inches

How conversation cards help:

  • Encourage fearless expression of thought
  • Cultivate a habit of listening
  • Learn to hear out diverse opinions
  • Converse in a respectful manner
  • Foster creative thinking

How to use the cards:

  • Free Play - Use it anywhere - at the dinner table, during travel, at a large family get together, before bed time, at a play date! Use as part of other pretend play games. Use in any language!
  • Activity based play - Extend questions on cards to everyday activities
  • Slow down - The goal isn't to get through the cards quickly, it is to slow down and encourage descriptive answers. Discuss concepts, meanings of words. Follow up with - what, why, how? Allow for expression of emotions and opinions. Set your own family guidelines for respectful conversation
  • Connect across generations - Questions are broad and open ended, allowing for several views across generations and life experiences.

Ideal for ages 5+

Great family activity. Unlimited conversations, unlimited fun!

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