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A to Z, What will you be - Careers in STEM

A to Z, What will you be - Careers in STEM

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Product Description

A-Z cards that not only open up discussions around STEM careers, but also on diversity in India!

This set contains:

  • 52 illustrated cards - A pair of cards for each letter from A-Z, one with the career name, and the other one with a description
  • 2 instruction / introduction cards
  • 4 trivia questions & answers cards
  • Cards are 2.75 * 3.75 inches

How to use the cards

  • STEM learning tool - Use pairs of flashcards to learn, observe and discuss different STEM careers. Use the "Trivia Time" cards for some fun recall!
  • Conversations around inclusion & diversity - The illustrations on the cards reflect Indian names, attires and skin tones. These cards also present an opportunity to talk about different regions & religions in India. There is also a representation of persons with disabilities.
  • Play memory - Shuffle cards, keep them face down, lift two cards at a time. If the cards match (Career & description), player collects the cards. Player with most cards wins.
  • Play snap - Shuffle and distribute cards. All players keep their cards face down and drop the top most card. If the card forms a matching pair with top most pile, player takes all the cards. Player with most cards wins.

Ideal for ages 6+

Great family activity. Unlimited conversations, unlimited fun!

Fun, STEM learning and conversations around inclusion - all in one card game!

What's more?

50% of the profits from this set will go to our NGO partner - Paper Crane Lab. Paper Crane Lab is a nonprofit organization based in Bangalore, focussing on increasing access to STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, Mathematics) education for all ages by combining STEM concepts with art and creative projects.

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